Education is a valuable pathway to fulfill many dreams and opportunities. As a Starbucks partner you and your family - spouse, domestic partner, dependent children, parents and siblings - are entitled to these exclusive discounts and benefits:
  • 50% Off First 2-Courses
  • 25% Tuition Discount
  • Waived Application Fee
  • Evaluation of Work and Life Experience For College Credits

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Hear from Your Colleagues...

Lauren Ferretti "I've been a Starbucks partner for over 11 years and I was very excited to participate in the pilot for Starbucks U. I received help from an academic advisor & had an opportunity to learn about our educational benefits as Starbucks partners while the program was being reimagined.

> I'm going to use tuition reimbursement this fall while I study to receive a master's certificate in human resources. I decided to take classes through the CityU of Seattle because of the Starbucks employee discount on classes and I applied for the scholarship because I figured, why not? I am very active in my community, so I hoped I had a chance of getting it - especially as I didn't qualify for financial aid, but still found the cost of classes to be high; it was a great opportunity for me. I'm thrilled to have gotten the scholarship & have been telling all of my store partners about what Starbucks offers in the way of benefits and academic advising."

Lauren Ferretti, Store Manager, Rhode Island
Fall Quarter Scholarship Recipient

Christopher Kirby "I am using the Starbucks discount of 25% off all tuition at CityU. I am eligible (and am making use of) $1,000 in tuition reimbursement each calendar year. Starbucks also offers one of the classes I am taking for free, MBA 500.

I learned of this through other partners at my store who are already students at CityU. I also received a lot of information about them from corporate and in my email.

I applied for the CityU scholarship since I am going back to school and I love volunteering in my community, so it was a no brainer.

I am hoping to finish my MBA at CityU in Project Management and Human Resources. After that (or before!) I hope to work in Starbucks corporate. I've been with the company since 2006 and I'm not planning on leaving any time soon. Ideally, my career at Starbucks corporate would include a lot of interaction with partners and making their lives better."

Christopher Kirby, Shift Supervisor, Washington
Fall Quarter Scholarship Recipient